Our point of difference:


To us you are not just a Client, you are a Valued Client and we appreciate your support of our Company and we will always treat you with the utmost respect.


We provide advice on the most innovative marketing tools that would suit your property


Communication is a our PRIORITY. We will talk you through any process and keep you up to date. You also have direct contact with the Director at all times.


Insightful advice on improvements and alterations to help you maximise your rental return


Innovative marketing to find you a quality tenant and to minimise the vacancy period as best as possible

We are here to help!

In my 17 years of real estate I have come across a few landlords that needed assistance getting out of very bad situations. 

As a private landlord, you are still required to obey by the Residential Tenancies Act and limited to the extend you can go to, to make sure the tenants are doing the right thing.  Failure to do so might lead to hefty fines. 


Not all real estate agents are the same and I have met some caring Property Managers in my time who goes above and beyond.  For as little as $25 per week (depending on your weekly rental rate), wouldn't it be better to invest your money in hiring a  professional Property Manager to handle the tenancies and avoid it getting this bad. 

At New Edge Real Estate we have the experience and procedures in place to manage your property to minimise shocking clean ups like this video. 

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