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Taking care of your greatest asset

New Edge Real Estate is known for striving in communication, honesty and offers first class service to their Clients so that you have peace of mind that you are not just dealing with a Junior Staff member, but with an Executive Staff Member with vast experience. 

We understand that every Client and situation is different, we are confident of our abilities and proud of what we do. Each challenge is delivered with exceptional service tailored to meet each Client’s needs.


Our point of difference:

  • We come with Testimonials from real people

  • Communication is the key at New Edge Real Estate. We will talk you through any process and keep you up to date. You also have direct contact with the Director at all times.
    Innovative marketing to find you a quality tenant and to minimise the vacancy period as best as possible.

  • To us you are not just a Client, you are a Valued Client and we appreciate your support of our Company and we will always treat you with the utmost respect.


The appraisal process will need to be conducted first.  By contacting New Edge Real Estate, we will attend your investment property and provide you with a market rental analysis of what rental price you could achieve for your property. We will also discuss what makes us different from the rest of the industry.


The signing of the Exclusive Management Authority will need to be executed once you are happy to proceed with our services.  We come to you as we are fully mobile service (unless you are interstate or international).  Our aim is to go through this process with you in detail, so that there is no miscommunication between you, as the Client, and New Edge Real Estate, to offer you exceptional service.


Presentation of the property is the key to gain quality tenants.  We will provide tips and ideas to present the property as attractive as possible and ready for professional photos. We also suggest a floor plan to show the size and layout of the property.  Tenants love this idea and it is a great marketing strategy

New Edge Real Estate advertisea on main Websites, including,, and in today’s technology-based age, we also focus on social media networks, such as Facebook.


The rest of the process will be explained to you when we meet.


New Edge Real Estate evaluates thoroughly by checking current and previous rental history, checks character references and gains confirmation on employment.  Once we have gathered all the information, we will contact you as the Owner to gain approval or your disapproval of the application.

Once approval is gained, New Edge Real Estate will draw up the necessary documentation (Tenancy Agreement), including any special terms and conditions (within guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act) and collect the required 4 weeks security bond and 2 weeks rent.  We will also lodge the bond with the Bond Administration and provide you a copy of the Tenancy agreement for your records.

Now you can relax!


New Edge Real Estate is here to manage your property and you will be kept up to date with all maintenance issues and other information regarding your investment. As your Agent, we will also keep you up to date on current Legislations that has to be followed as per the Residential Tenancies Act.

Our duties include but are not limited to:

  • Advice on matters such as rental values, rent reviews, insurance and any repairs that should be done before the property can be let

  • Advertising for tenants, selecting tenants and letting the property

  • Collecting and lodging the bond with the Bond Administrator (the Department of Commerce) in accordance with the Act

  • Collecting rent payments

  • Preparing a property condition report at the start of the tenancy and checking the property’s inventory

  • Inspecting the property on a quarterly basis and ensuring it is suitably maintained

  • Paying accounts on your behalf such as water service charges, council rates; etc

  • Providing you with regular financial statements

  • Attending court on your behalf should a dispute arise with tenants

  • At the end of the tenancy, preparing a property condition report and finalising matters relating to the bond



Insurance is a major necessity. You will be required to have adequate building insurance. This should cover public liability and house contents owned by you (tenants insure their own contents separately).

Strata properties will be covered by the Strata Company for the building only, but will exclude contents such as carpets, curtains, blinds, light fittings and appliances.


We strongly recommend you also take out Landlord Protection Insurance, which is designed to cover many of the risks associated with owning a rental property. A good policy should provide cover for malicious or accidental damage, loss of rent and theft by a tenant, as well as legal expenses and legal liability.

Don't just let anyone manage you investment, let New Edge Real Estate handle it.

In my 14 years of real estate I have come across a few landlords that needed assistance getting out of very bad situations. 

As a private landlord, you are still required to obey by the Residential Tenancies Act and limited to the extend you can go to, to make sure the tenants are doing the right thing.  Failure to do so might lead to hefty fines. 


Not all real estate agents are the same and I have met some caring Property Managers in my time who goes above and beyond.  For as little as $25 per week (depending on your weekly rental rate), wouldn't it be better to invest your money in hiring a  professional Property Manager to handle the tenancies and avoid it getting this bad. 

At New Edge Real Estate we have the experience and procedures in place to manage your property to minimise shocking clean ups like this video. 

Call Schiona on 0402 138 992 to arrange to sit down and explain what she does differently